PayLease Chargeback Service

One of the benefits of using PayLease is the PayLease Chargeback Service. With a typical merchant processor, the chargeback is forwarded to the merchant with a deadline to respond to the chargeback. Through the PayLease Chargeback Service, a chargeback specialist will assist PayLease Merchants through the chargeback process. The Chargeback specialist will offer guidance on the proper documentation to provide to dispute a chargeback as well as providing additional information to the merchant such as payment detail (date/time stamps, IP address, receipt detail, etc…) PayLease is aligned with our clients to assist in providing the best opportunity for a successful chargeback rebuttal.

It is important to note that PayLease’s role in the chargeback process is to assist the merchant with the chargeback; however PayLease does not decide whether or not the chargeback is ruled in favor of the cardholder or the merchant. It is the merchant’s processor who will receive the documentation and review it in accordance with the card association’s rules and guidelines concerning chargebacks and decide if the charge is valid and authorized.

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