Does PayLease offer any free marketing materials so residents know they can pay online?

Yes! PayLease offers clients a variety of complimentary resident marketing materials including: 

  • email content
  • drop box stickers
  • door hangers
  • website buttons
  • fliers
  • posters

In addition to those marketing materials, here are some other easy tips to generate awareness among your residents:

  • Include a feature in your newsletter, i.e., “Did You Know You Can Pay Rent/Dues Online?”
  • Mention online payments in your property’s voicemail greeting, for example, “If you want to make a payment please go to our website, etc.”
  • Hand out AutoPay forms during any property events like BBQs, etc.
  • Add a line to your email signature (e.g. Now offering electronic payments!)
  • Award a prize to your property managers who have the highest percentages of electronic payments during a certain time frame.

To take advantage of our free marketing materials contact your Client Account Representative or use the "Write us an Email"

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