How does an ExpressPay for e-check work?

ExpressPay ACH- PayLease will deposit the funds into your property management company’s account in 1 business day if the transaction is initiated prior to the cut-off time. PayLease will then debit your bank account to collect the funds within 3 business days. ExpressPay ACH cut-off time is 4:30 PM PST Monday - Friday. If your payment is initiated on a non-business day or banking holiday, it will process the following business day. 

All funds must be available from the moment a transaction is generated until the funds have successfully cleared your account.

A transaction submitted prior to 4:30 PM PST on Monday will be deposited to the property management company Monday night, and withdrawn from your account within 3 business days. 

A transaction is submitted at 7:00 AM on Sunday; the payment will be processed on Monday at 4:30 PM PST and paid out to your management company Monday night.

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