Why isn’t my resident able to register or pay with PayLease? I'm a Jenark user.

If you use Jenark and a resident isn't able to register or pay with PayLease, here are some common reasons why:

1. Property or Association is not set up in PayLease: If you have not added the resident's property or association, including the correct property code, residents from that property or association will not appear in your PayLease account. Once the property and property code are added, the residents will appear after your next resident validation file upload.

2. Incorrect Property or Association Code: If the property code in the PayLease system does not match the property code in the resident validation file, PayLease will not be able to add those residents to your account. Please make sure these match. Once you have corrected the property code in your PayLease account, the residents will appear after the next file upload.

3. Resident is on a stop file or blocked list:  In many property management softwares, there is a feature that allows you to block or deactivate a resident in your system. This is typically used when a resident is under eviction or in legal proceedings. If this is the case, the resident may have been excluded from the resident validation file. Once this resident is reactivated, it should place them back in the resident validation file and the resident will appear in PayLease on the next file upload.

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