Why isn’t my resident able to register or pay? I'm an AMSI user.

If you use AMSI and a resident isn't able to register or pay with PayLease, here are some common reasons why:

1. Property is not set up in PayLease:  If you have not added the resident's property in the PayLease system, including the correct property code and ClientMerchantID, residents from that property will not appear in your PayLease account. Once the property, property code and ClientMerchantID are added to PayLease, residents will appear after the next PayLease/AMSI aync. These syncs happen approximately every 2-4 hours.

2. Resident credit status in AMSI is set to Hold or Restricted: In AMSI, there is a feature that allows you to block or deactivate a resident in your system. This in turn blocks them from paying in PayLease. The logic our integration uses is below. Once this resident’s credit status is changed, the resident will appear in PayLease on the next sync.

AMSI Credit Status

PayLease Payments


Resident can pay with e-check or credit card.

Cash Only

Resident can pay with credit card only.

Hold or Restricted

Resident cannot pay at all.

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